In-Office Laser Whitening

The LaserWhite20 teeth whitening system uses a combination of hydrogen peroxide gel activated by laser energy. This combination accelerates the whitening process and takes less than 20 minutes to complete (not including isolation and set-up). Studies have shown that typical whitening results from laser whitening can range from one to six shades; compared in similar tests, no other whitening solution consistently matches laser whitening

Laser whitening is designed to be safe and effective, and is an excellent means of bleaching and whitening dark, yellowed, or discolored teeth with extrinsic and intrinsic staining. The degree of whitening that can be achieved varies among patients based on the types of staining, enamel thickness, tooth structure, and age.

The LaserWhite20 gel has been specifically formulated to work with Biolase diode laser systems. The laser energy is absorbed by special particles in the LaserWhite20 gel to activate the hydrogen peroxide, accelerating the whitening procedure.